Our latest Light and Bright style of Boudoir Photography at Boudoir Midlands creates our relaxed sexy light, bright and white, super soft and sensual imagery. Using lots of large soft light sources we have created a new set for our amazingly popular light and bright style, our original white sheet sessions and the set lends itself particularly well to Bridal Boudoir.

We have created a new boudoir studio set that bathes you in a soft and flattering, highly diffused light. This combines with lots of translucent and wafty voiles, drapes and materials to give you a sexy and classy look. Our wonderful soft lighting is perfect for intimate boudoir portraits, for those looking for a bedroom style feel to their boudoir images ane those for looking for a natural and sensual feel to their shoots.

It works best with white, light and pastel coloured lingerie as well as implied nude and those lovely relaxed rolling around the duvet and under the sheets shots. If you like the thought of a light and bright boudoir style shoot call Jane today on 07967 716713.