Fetish Style Boudoir Photography

Our Latest Sensual Fetish Boudoir style.

Our Sensual Fetish Style of Boudoir Photography at Boudoir Midlands has always been very popular. As we come to near the end of every shoot we always ask if there are any shots you would like that we haven’t covered and images with handcuffs, floggers crops and blindfolds are some of the most frequently requested of the ” could I just have a few of those shots please ”

I have always enjoyed the amazing fetish style photography work of Bob Carlos Clarke and of Erik Kroll and love capturing these special and subtle expressions that appear when ladies explore their naughty side. In the last 15 years, we have seen a massive upsurge in the demand for more risque styles of fetish photography. Without a doubt, the boudoir fetish genre has been highly fueled by the enormous popularity of the ” 50 Shades of Grey ” books and Films. Since the advent of these films and books, there has been a lot more comfort around talking about these themes and many ladies have surprised themselves with pushing their boundaries and asking and creating some of the incredible sensual fetish images you see here.

We are always open and relaxed about creating these types of shots there is usually lots of laughter and fun being had in setting up and producing these more creative and edgy styles of fetish photography. So do not be shy and don’t wait till the last few shots of your shoot if you would like a few shots with PVC, Leather, Faux Fur, Whips, Chains or Cuffs you only have to ask. If you have any special shot you have seen and want to try and recreate your own unique version we are more than happy to see what we can do and if you are bringing your Boyfriend, Husband or Partner to your shoot and would like them to feature in some of your shots we have created lots of incredibly powerful couples boudoir images, often with a fetish feel to them. And quite a few times when the lady has very much been in charge!!

We have quite a few props here you are welcome to use, but you are more than welcome to bring your own fetish outfits and props to your session and you can include as many or as few of these style of shots as you like. If you like the thought of including some fetish style images in your Boudoir Midlands shoot, don’t be shy call Jane today on 07967 716713.